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Meet The Team


Veterinarian, Owner

Nathan Bernadet

With a strong background of over 15 years in internal and emergency medicine, advanced surgery and dentistry skills, and ultrasound training/experience, Dr. Nathan believes that the best care can only be delivered by combining experience and expertise with a compassionate approach to health. A longtime proponent that reducing stress and protecting the emotional bond of people with their pets delivers better health care, he responded to the hardships of the COVID-19 crisis to become the first Fear Free Certified Veterinarian in the Bow valley and the first application for a new Veterinary Service in Alberta since the outbreak. Dr. Nathan’s journey here has been an exciting one. He grew up in a small town in the mountains of Northern BC with some years in Zambia. His interest in animals grew early with having many pets. Over the course of his youth he started and ran a government sanctioned Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and rehabilitated rescue dogs. After completing his undergrad with honors in 2004, he graduated with his DVM from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. For both his patients and life in general, “make every day count” is Dr. Nathan’s motto. Quality of life and providing that to his patients is his top concern. In his few days off he can be found in the mountains, on the river, or at home doing intricate woodwork. At home he is always met by the purr machine ‘Cricket’ who runs to the door and jumps to his shoulders to snuggle his ear!



Gabriella Rout-Brown

Dr. Gabby grew up in a small rural town in Waikatō New Zealand. Her grandparents are sheep and cattle farmers and so her passion for animals began while spending most of her free time on the farm. In 2019, she graduated from the only vet school in New Zealand and then worked in Taupō as a mixed animal veterinarian for three and a half years. She also spent some time working in emergency at the nearest 24 hour centre. In April 2023 she made the big move to Canada to search for better skiing and mountain biking, and to explore this side of the world. She has worked in several clinics in BC before coming to the Bow Valley. Gabby has a passion for getting to know each animal she works with, and understanding the special relationship with their owner. She is a big advocate for fear free medicine, preventative health and ensuring quality of life while our pets age. She is really excited to come to Canmore, to get involved in the community, and to enjoy the outdoors.


Registered Veterinary Technician


Chelsea originally hails from Ontario where she graduated with her diploma in animal health technology. Years later when the opportunity arose she made the move to the mountains with her partner. As a technician Chelsea is a fan and skilled in many procedures that would make most other people squeamish and continues to add to her advanced skill set. Her calm collected disposition suits everyone well as this is quite reassuring to patients. In terms of hobbies she has a creative side and her quiet personality will surprise everyone with expressive homemade cosplay outfits at conventions. One of the things she loves most about living in the Bow Valley is the wildlife. While at work she misses her cat ‘Pixel’ and the guinea pigs ‘Frank’ n ‘Bean’, but the gophers in the front of the clinic named ‘Ezekial’ and ‘Tony’ are thankful for her protection from the magpies. Chelsea loves cuddles from all her patients and has an extra soft spot for big goofy dogs!


Client & Patient Service Specialist


Danielle has been a longstanding member of our team and familiar with both home visits as well as presenting a welcoming face of the hospital team. Her positivity, enthusiasm and caring stand out when it comes to facilitating getting to the bottom of your pets needs. She originally came from Bragg creek with her partner while her childhood dog ‘brother Lance’ still lives nearby giving her a soft spot for border collies and assisting pets as they age. She loves community life in the bow valley and visits to the farmers market assist her in cooking gourmet lunches of which the aroma makes everyone in the hospital hungry. Danielle and her partner have a very inquisitive cat named ‘Honeycomb’ who loves to go for leash walks and at home dictates many of the activities. If you see them around make sure to shake her paw as ‘Honeycomb’ has quite a bag of tricks!


Client/Patient Care Representative


Ciana grew up nearby in Okotoks and has a wide range of experiences working with animals for years and some experience in emergency hospitals. She is a valued member of the team as she has a methodical and gentle approach. She has fostered many pets and 2 of her 3 dogs were originally fosters that made themselves soo at home that they decided to stick around forever! When she is not at the hospital she is working on her schooling and as dog mom chauffeurs her dogs around to a full range of sporting activities. Her pups Ranger, Grizzly, and Maple always keep her busy whether they are biking around home, hiking in the mountains, or competing in tracking, herding, or jumping/swimming retrieval races!

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