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Payment Financing

At Mountain Mobile Veterinary Care, we understand that not everyone has pet insurance or the extra money to fund a veterinary bill for an unexpected illness or injury of their beloved pet.  To help cushion this potential stressor we are working towards offering third party financing options to help you with the needed care, diagnosis and treatment of your beloved pet.  Coming soon:

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Pet Insurance

Medicine has come a long way and most advances and technologies in human medicine are also available for the furry members of your family.  With quality of life in mind, how far you want to go is always up to you.  If you feel that you will always want the best options for your pet or that you would face a heartbreaking decision if confronted with a large veterinary bill, then pet insurance may be the best option.  Large breed dogs will require more medication and some breeds are predisposed to medical conditions.  In the crisis of a sudden accident or severe illness it can be indispensable to you and your best friend.

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