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About Us

Welcome to Mountain Vet Care, where we prioritize a comprehensive approach to veterinary medicine.  Our primary objective is to maximize the quality of life for your furry companion.  We take pride on working to develop a quality bond with all our four-legged patients.  We value the ability to provide accountable and dependable emergency and referral service to the community we live in.


Quality Care For All Your Furry Friends

Mountain Veterinary Care has experienced and knowledgeable staff to assist you in achieving maximum health throughout their years.

We take an evidenced based approach to tailoring the best recommendations to suit the lifestyle and travel of your pet.  These significantly vary the preventative health needs of your pet and so we are committed to getting to know your furry friend.  Their story is important to us.



At Mountain Vet Care, our compassionate and dedicated staff's utmost priority is to support your beloved pet in attaining optimal health throughout their entire life journey. We understand the deep bond you share with your furry companion, and we are here to provide gentle care and our expertise. Our team is well-informed, and ready to guide you every step of the way in ensuring your pet's well-being. Trust us to be your reliable partners in safeguarding the health and happiness of your cherished pet.


At our facility, we take great pride in having state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to address and treat your beloved pet's dental needs with care and precision. We genuinely understand the significance of oral health for pets, as it plays a vital role in their overall well-being. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of preventive measures to ensure your pet's dental health remains in optimal condition.


At our practice, we are proud to offer surgical services that utilize the latest state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the highest level of care for your beloved pet. Our team understands that undergoing surgery can be a stressful experience, which is why we prioritize your pet's comfort above all else. Whether it's a routine procedure (such as spays, neuters or lump removals) or a more complex surgery (such as orthopaedic, intestinal, or other more complex procedure), rest assured that our dedicated staff will approach it with sensitivity, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care throughout the entire process. Your pet's well-being is our primary concern.


In situations where a more comprehensive diagnosis is needed, our clinic is equipped with the finest tools to accurately assess and diagnose sick or injured animals. Our X-Ray services are invaluable in providing the additional insights and answers that may be necessary. Trust us to go above and beyond in providing your beloved pet with the thorough and accurate diagnosis they deserve, because their well-being is our main priority.


Mountain Vet Care also provides Ultrasounds for (and not limited to) full abdominal and cardiac studies. Ultrasound scanning and interpretation are skill based diagnostics and so not only have we invested significantly in equipment but also in extensive training and experience. Far from having to be rudimentary, ultrasound in the right hands is often the most effective way to reach a diagnosis and create an effective plan for many patients. This distinction means that we can accept referrals as well for many cases requiring ultrasound.


At our clinic, we understand the importance of timely and accurate diagnostic testing for your beloved pet. To ensure swift and precise results, we offer both in-house testing and collaborate with an external laboratory. This comprehensive approach allows us to swiftly obtain the information needed to provide the best possible care for your furry friend. We recognize the concern and worry that can come with waiting for test results, which is why we are committed to delivering prompt and reliable outcomes.


We understand that pet emergencies can be distressing for both you and your beloved companion. During these unforeseen moments, we want you to find solace in knowing that our compassionate emergency services are readily available to provide exceptional care for your pet. We are committed to being there when you need us the most, offering the necessary expertise, support, and prompt attention to address any emergency. Your pet's well-being is our heartfelt concern, and we are here to offer the utmost compassion and dedicated care during these challenging times.


We understand that saying goodbye to a cherished pet is an incredibly difficult experience. During this tender moment, our goal is to provide a compassionate and supportive environment, making the transition as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both you and your beloved furry companion. We empathize with the deep bond you share and the emotions you may be experiencing. Our dedicated team is here to offer gentle care, understanding, and heartfelt support throughout this difficult process. We are committed to ensuring that your pet's final moments are filled with love, comfort, and dignity.


We take immense pride in providing our valued clients with a Mobile Veterinary Service. Our team brings a fully equipped and technologically advanced ambulance right to your doorstep, ensuring that most of our in-clinic services are available in the comfort of your own home. We understand that convenience and comfort are crucial, especially during times when traveling to a clinic may not be feasible or ideal for your beloved pet. With our state-of-the-art mobile unit, we aim to deliver the highest standard of care, combining cutting-edge technology with the empathy and expertise you can trust. Your pet's well-being is our priority, and we are honoured to bring our exceptional veterinary services directly to you.

Mobile Care

In addition to offering great veterinarian care for your loved pets at our Hospital, we can also come directly to your home with our well equipped mobile unit.  


Welcome to the only mobile clinic in the Bow Valley and even within 1,000km in Alberta! Operating out of the most technologically equipped ambulance in Western Canada, we can bring xrays, ultrasound, pharmacy and expertise to your home which is invaluable for many.  As pet guardians in a practice with local ownership we have focused to meet the needs of your most precious companions.  Call us if you want to care for your pets needs from the comfort and security of your own home.


After Hours 

We are the only clinic within the bow valley to offer evening emergency coverage for our patients. 


If your pet requires the direct and immediate attention of an experienced emergency doctor please call 403-679-2555 and follow the prompts and we will do everything we can with the mobile unit whether that be assessment and medications or diagnostics like blood work, ultrasound, and xrays.

Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre
in Calgary at: 403-770-1340.
  • Difficulty breathing or choking 

  • Fresh lacerations

  • Excessive bleeding or trauma

  • Intractable vomiting or vomit with blood

  • Difficulty urinating

  • Painful swollen abdomen

  • Toxin ingestion

  • Seizures or convulsions

  • Heat stroke or hypothermia

  • Profound sedation or collapse

  • Significant pain or distress


Shop Our Store

Our online store has everything you need for your furry family from pet food, toys to first aid.  Orders are shipped to our clinic and can be picked up normally within two to three business days.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Dr. Nathan is amazing. Our dog is so happy to see him. And he comes to your home. You can see how much he and his team care. So glad we found him. Stress-less care for your pet. I wish my own doctor made house calls! I’m jealous of my dog’s health care.


While we were traveling in our RV through the beautiful Canadian Rockies, our dog Whiskey needed urgent medical attention. Dr. Bernadet and staff accommodated us right away, which was such a relief. He and his staff were thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate. They stabilized our sweet pup so we could travel home. We will be forever grateful.


I cannot begin to explain how thankful for Dr. Nathan and his entire team. They have come to the rescue for my dogs twice and they even call the next day to check in on you and your pet.This team should be very proud of the level of care and compassion that they show to every single one of their patients. I cannot thank them enough!!!


Dr. Nathan helped us say goodbye to our dear dog Truffle when it unexpectedly came to be his time. He was so compassionate, patient, knowledgeable and kind. He allowed us to say goodbye to Truffle with dignity and peace. We can’t thank him enough for his work and care.


If i could give 10 stars i absolutely would. This hospital is a blessing for the whole Bow Valley. The entire staff is amazing. Dr. Nathan is a animal hero, he saved my little girl!!!! And while i was a mental mess, Michelle at the front desk could've not been any more comforting, helpful and amazing. You guys are the best! Thank you


We can’t thank Dr. Nathan enough. He’s knowledgeable, efficient and so good with our big rescue who does NOT like to be poked and prodded, especially by vets. He comes to you and makes the whole process easy. Thank you again!


Our Adorable Patients

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
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